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Original Art "Tribal"

Original Art "Tribal"


This piece measures 24x36" and oils are used to create vibrant colours and rich texture on heavy duty gallery wrapped canvas.


I never spent much time thinking about race and ancestry until after I started living in the USA. There is so much talk about it here, understandably, and since then I learnt a lot more about the dark history of America.

This made me start asking more questions about my own "race" and ancestry like never before. I do appear Caucasian/ "white". But I have always felt emotionally closer to minority groups such as Latin, Black, Middle Eastern, even Asian at times, than I have ever felt to white American or white British people (since I lived in England also). It's the food, some of the traditions, the way we would raise children, what we were taught when growing up be it good or bad, and more. 


So, interestingly, I started looking into the genetic make up of the country where I was born and raised - Bulgaria. The artwork is indeed inspired by the many tribes that made up modern Bulgaria.


Many scholars, including linguists, had posited that the Bulgars, a branch of which was one of the primary three ethnic ancestors of the country, were derived from a Turkic tribe of Central Asia with Iranian elements. But modern genetic research points to an affiliation with western Eurasian and European populations. Although in addition, in more modern times, between 1396-1878, Bulgaria was subjected to 500 years of direct Ottoman rule, so who would know exactly if our recent ancestry also comes from Turkey, the Middle East?


This subject continues to fascinate me, therefore I continue using a lot of vibrant colours in my art, as a symbol of the rich history of Bulgaria spanning for over 1500 years that a lot of people unfortunately know nothing about. 



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