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Bring on the Chocolate...and Art!

Joint exhibition at the Chocolate and Art show - May 23 and May 24, 2019 at SHARESPACE, Houston, TX

At this show I participated with six of my paintings - the maximum number of artwork you could put on the walls! I loved meeting and chatting to the art curators and one of the organizers, Danilo.

And it's always nice to sell some art too

I took advantage of the tasty choices of chocolate, marshmallows, pretzels and fruits! Apart from meeting lovely people, the night became even better when I sold one of my pieces featuring an abstract ram in an antique frame.

Who are the Chocolate and Art?

The Chocolate and Art Show contribute to positive social change by building a network of artists of all mediums, collectors and artist enthusiast to come together for two nights to celebrate the arts and support local business and local arts. The community of artist comes together to raise awareness for the organization Artist for Trauma a nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of both civilian and military trauma survivors by pairing recovering patients with established artists from various creative disciplines.

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