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Yay! Second time at the Chocolate and Art Show!

This time in Dallas, TX at LOFTY SPACES at the first-time three-day show on Aug 29, 30, and 31, 2019.

Well, I participated in the Dallas art show for the first time even though I lived there for nearly two years. Nevertheless, here I was. What fun. Outfits, people, art, music, chocolate!

Women supporting women

My newest painting found a new home at the third night of the show. My dear friend Michelle supported my art by getting the beautiful "Embracing Chaos".

I loved the event - again I met such talented and great people that I stayed in touch with. I took advantage of coming to Dallas, and spent some time with my good friends.

Dream on

This event inspired me to research into making quality prints of my original artwork since so many people kept asking me for it. So it products coming to the store really soon - premium Giclée and William Turner prints. The paper is art itself. Perhaps I would throw in some acrylic and metal options too.

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